HCS Drum Deflector Plate

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The deflector plate is a great add on for the our ledgendary Rib Master Drum Smoker. Designed for use when utilising both rack levels at the same time in low and slow mode, if a high sugar based rub is used on the meat on the lower rack, (like we like to use on any large pork cut such as a Boston Butt), some crystalising of the rub can occur. The deflector plate all but prevents this from happening by shielding the cook from the direct radiant heat off the firebox.

The deflector has been through multiple revisions before release, extensively tested by home users, competition BBQ teams and commercial operators using the drum for catering events. theyve given us the thiumbs up and its now officially for sale

Our latest version of drums, (any purchased since July 2018) have a specially designed 3rd set of rack pins to carry the deflector, allowing its use with two full cooking levels above. The deflector can still be used on older versions of the drum, however it will take place of the second rack allowing the top rack to be shielded only.