HCS Burger Press - for the BEST burger ever... no question!

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The perfect accessory for any burger lover!

The HCS Burger Press has been ergonomically designed to give you the BEST burger ever!... No question.  Simply take 100-250g of the best burger mince form loosely into a ball... place on to a lightly oiled & very hot flat grill plate (like our HCS Smash Plate)... then use the HCS Burger press to press the ball into a round burger patty approx 10-20mm thick... Maintain pressure for 30-45 sec to create a great sear.  the secret to an epic smash patty is the crunchy crust created with this sear... Our Burger Press will make sure you nail it EVERY SINGLE TIME!

Precision cut from Solid 6mm Stainless Steel, & TIG welded by a fellow burger lover in our workshop... The sheer weight & quality will ensure years of epic burgers are now at your fingertips!

The Burger Press also pairs exceptionally well with the HCS Smash Plate... These fit any 57cm Kettle BBQ (such as a Weber).. and paired together they unlock the secret Burger capability hidden in every kettle.   Sshhh, don't let anyone know we let you in on the secret.  ;)

See our Blog for the full Smash Burger method.

Note: HCS Smash Plate Sold Separately