HCS Fire Funnel - Unlock the power of Hot & Fast in your Kettle BBQ!

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Unlock the magic of Crispy Chicken in your Kettle BBQ!

The HCS Fire Funnel has been designed to give you the ultimate heat from a single load of charcoal (either lump or briquettes)... No question. 

Our Truncated Reducing Cones, affectionately known as the Fire Funnel, has been Precision cut from Solid 3mm Carbon Steel & welded by a 3rd Dan Chicken Wing Master in our workshop... The sheer weight & quality will ensure years of amazing chicken are now at your fingertips!  

With the Fire Funnel in your Kettle BBQ Kit, you'll never need to sit in a takeaway line waiting for substandard lukewarm chicken ever again... Lose the K, OK?
It's WFC from now on out... Weber Fried Chicken for ALL!!