HCS Fire Funnel - Unlock the power of Hot & Fast in your Kettle BBQ!

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Unlock the magic of Crispy Chicken in your Kettle BBQ!

The HCS Fire Funnel has been designed to give you the ultimate heat from a single load of charcoal (either lump or briquettes)... No question. 

Our Truncated Reducing Cones, affectionately known as the Fire Funnel, has been Precision cut from Solid 3mm Carbon Steel & welded by a 3rd Dan Chicken Wing Master in our workshop... The sheer weight & quality will ensure years of amazing chicken are now at your fingertips!  

With the Fire Funnel in your Kettle BBQ Kit, you'll never need to sit in a takeaway line waiting for substandard lukewarm chicken ever again... Lose the K, OK?
It's WFC from now on out... Weber Fried Chicken for ALL!!

See our Blog for the 11 secret herbs & spices you'll need to make your own WFC... Ok, well the first 2 are Salt & Pepper... but you'll have to check out our blog for the rest of the recipe ;)