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The RIB MASTER, Hot Chilli Smokers World Famous (well we think so) Drum Smoker…

This thing is an absolute beast, packed with massive cooking power, you’ll struggle to find something this size, packed with as many features for the price.

Using a 200L (55 gal US) Single Use Drum as a base, we blast it, inside & out… then work some serious magic, to turn this unsuspecting drum into the cooking beast you see before you.


  • 2x Adjustable Chilli Intakes
  • 1x adjustable exhaust
  • 2 levels of cooking
  • 57cm round Stainless Steel cooking grate – standard kettle size, so lots of options available ;)
  • Removable Twin Hanging Rack w/ 6 hooks – Take your Q to a whole new level
  • Jumbo Charcoal Basket – some of our drummers are getting 14hrs+ cooks from these bad boys
  • River Country Thermometer – reading in Fahrenheit, because you know BBQ tastes better in F
  • Stainless Steel Nameplate  

The best way to use this smoker is using the minion method for long cooks… Low & Slow, Perfect for all your favorite cuts… chicken, Brisket, Pulled Lamb or Pork and try hanging sausages, ribs & pork belly (go on try this 1, amazing crackle to be found).

As Henry Ford used to say… Available in any colour, so long as its BLACK 

Free Delivery in the Perth metro area is available 3 to 4 weeks from date of order. Alternatively, we can quote to have transported to your door if you are based anywhere else within Australia.